Hello, dear Friends of Skin & Tonics, 
We have reviewed recommendations from the Governor’s office and of course recommendations from CDC, WHO, WA.DOH and OSHA and have decided to begin scheduling starting in June! We are gathering all the protective gear our staff and patients will need to feel comfortable and safe at our office. Things will not be the same exactly, but we hope that you’ll see in our eyes how delighted we are to see you back here! 
Please be patient with us as we will have to cut down on the number of patients we see in a day and you may need to be a bit flexible with your schedule and bring a good book in case you have to wait in your car for us to usher you in. Also, we will be asking you some questions prior to your appointment and asking you to follow some safety procedures when you enter the office. Just know we appreciate your help and let’s all just have fun with the new normal. 
Currently we have canceled all the May appointments and we will begin rescheduling March-end of May as soon as we feel we can get the office ready. For the present, we are still limiting hours we spend in the office answering calls but we will try to call you back as soon as possible. 
We have a really exciting surprise coming in the near future....keep checking our social media and website for updates ! We really miss you and want to hear all about the journey you have had during this time of challenges. 
Warmest regards, 
The Skin & Tonics Team 

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We offer the best Laser Treatments, Aesthetic Procedures, Personalized Skin Care, Years of Experience and a Twist of Fun! Our highly trained team of experts will help guide you on your way to achieving your goals. We offer many types of Laser, Radio Frequency Microneedling, Body Contouring treatments to permanently reduce fat and sculpt your muscle! We are confident in our skills and our attention to detail. Every person we treat is like a piece of artwork that we are proud of, and we want you to feel the same way!

Continuing education and research of the newest and best technologies available allows us to bring our patients the absolute best at Skin & Tonics. Laser, Radio Frequency Microneedling and Body Contouring treatments are not all created equal. These cutting edge devices are operated by a technician whose skill level, experience and attention to detail is key to achieving the best possible results!


Expect natural results, using the most effective aesthetic treatments available to help in your journey to rejuvenation. Each of our patients is unique, so we encourage you to set up a consultation to discuss the options available to customize a treatment plan that properly focuses on achieving your goals. We feel it is important to continually bring in new innovations because aesthetic techniques and products are frequently changing and improving.


Our patients are educated thoroughly about healthy skin. Often this starts at home with the products you put on your skin! We carry medical grade skin care options that will not only improve your skin health and appearance, but also enhance your outcome from other treatments and procedures. We will map out a plan after assessing your skin needs. Our goal is to have you educated more about your skin at every visit. We have the solutions to correct any type of problematic skin, including acne, rosacea and sun-damaged, aging skin.


We want you to feel you are part of our tribe! You can be assured of our skill level and our advanced technology. We want you to feel like you're one of us! The very best part about our business is the amazing relationships we build with our patients! We want to laugh with you, show you support in your life, and become a friend that you trust. You're not just another number walking through our doors. You are Someone Special. We are going to help you achieve your goals, and also build a relationship that lasts a lifetime!

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Our Patients

After a glowing recommendation from my brother-in-laws, my 4 girlfriends and I came here last weekend for a little Botox date, because how else would you spend a Saturday afternoon?! I can't say enough about Skin & Tonics! From the staff down to the thoughtful details that went in to making this space feel comfortable and luxurious, I'm honestly looking forward to coming back and getting poked again ;) ............


My TRUSCULPT FLEX experience has been amazing – I’m addicted. I’m a woman, nearly 54, who is trying to be the best that I can be and age gracefully. In recent years, and after a major unwanted abdominal surgery, I have struggled to maintain muscle tone.  I have done squats, the stair stepper and leg lifts regularly trying to improve my gluts to no avail. I was left with a gap down the center of my abdomen from the surgery that made it impossible to do sit ups and other typical exercise for my abs without ..............

So I did my laser hair removal months ago somewhere else, and the experience was so painful that I didn't think I could ever go through with it again. I recently was convinced by the incredible staff at Skin and Tonics to try it again with Christen, and OMG it was incredible! She was quick, efficient, professional, and super fun. I never thought I would be able to do laser hair removal again, but Christen's magic touch has changed my mind! If you've ever been on the fence like me, give Christen a shot! She is so great ........



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