Ultra Genesis

Best For:

Skin tightening and plumping. Decreases pore size, uneven texture, fine lines and wrinkles while increasing elasticity and volume. Also great for improving stretch marks and thin, crepe like skin.

Ultra Genesis

This laser provides a deep dermal heating while also inducing a microscopic, superficial peel to the dead layers of skin. This duo combination not only rejuvenates the surface layers of skin, but also plumps and tightens the deep layers as well.

Why We love this Treatment:

We love this treatment because you can not only treat the face and neck, but literally every area of the body in which you want to work on skin quality.



Face, neck, chest, arms, legs, knees, hands, backs, stomachs, buttocks, breasts, literally anywhere!!

Pre treatment tips

Avoid sun exposure the week of your treatment and stop all retinoids and exfoliants 2 days prior.

Post treatment tips

We will send you home with appropriate aftercare cream or gel.
Avoid heat the day of treatment...No hot showers, hot tubs, Saunas, Working out. Also, No sun exposure for the week after your Ultra Genesis treatment. Plan social events accordingly.

frequently asked questions

Frequency of Treatment:

Treatments are recommended 6-8 weeks about. For best results we recommend 2-3 treatments. Maintenance is suggested annually.


Duration of treatment varies depending on which part of your body needs improvement, but it can range anywhere between 45-90 minutes


Patients are pink for roughly 24-48 hours followed by tight dry skin and a few days of micro-peeling.


Pricing depends on size of area, but can range from $400-$750

Our Plan

We suggest 2-3 session consecutively spaced 6 weeks apart will give you optimal results. After those sessions, we suggest yearly maintenance.