Limelight Photofacial

Best For:

Treating sun damage, brown & red discolorations such as solar lentigines, sun spots, freckles, diffuse redness, vascular matting, rosacea flushing, and port wine stains.

Limelight is an IPL laser or photofacial treatment. This unique fluctuating wavelength of light can target those unwanted brown spots and modeled uneven discoloration.

Why We love this Treatment:

Limelight is a fast and effective way to even skin tone and discoloration, which can take years off of your appearance in just a couple treatments!


The multiple treatment modes allows us to target all spectrums of brown sun damage as well as redness caused by a microvascular matting seen in Rosacea or in vascular lesions like Port Wine Stains. The specific wavelength of light is absorbed into the target color and a reaction is seen within 24 hours of the treatment. Browns darken and flake away over the following week. Reds immediately collapse and lighten over the following week.


All areas of skin can be treated from face, neck, chest, to hands, arms or legs. This laser is only able to safely treat skin types I-IV.

Pre treatment tips

Avoid prolonged sun exposure for a week prior to treatment. Avoid self tanning lotions and sprays for 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Post treatment tips

Cold compresses can help relieve hot burning sensation as well as swelling post treatment. In some cases when we are treating redness, we recommend ibuprofen to reduce swelling, as well as topical and oral Arnica. Makeup can be worn immediately. After initial inflammation is gone, the brown flakes can be gently exfoliated typically on the 4-7 days post treatment when treating brown pigmentation.

frequently asked questions

“What does it feel like?” It is a fast rubber band snapping sensation that has a slight sunburned feeling afterwards for a few hours. We use a Zimmer Cryo chiller to blow cold air during the procedure to make the treatment more comfortable. “Are there pigmentation that can’t be treated with Limelight?” Yes, there are some brown discolorations that are caused from hormonal changes or from trauma to the skin, and we find that there are safer more effective treatment options utilizing topical prescription creams and other methods.

Frequency of Treatment:

3-4 weeks between treatments is recommended to allow for proper healing. Best results are seen after a series of 2-3 treatments.


30-45 minute appointment


Brown pigmentation turns dark within 48 hours and then flakes away over another 3-7 days. Reds can have some bruising and swelling post treatment that will resolve over 2-7 days.


Ranging from $100-300 per treatment depending on size of area

Our Plan

We recommend a consultation to assess your skin and determine if this is the best treatment option for you. Darker skin tones may be directed to a different treatment option that is safer and more effective. Then a treatment plan is set out with recommended skin care options to optimize your results and help you maintain them. Limelight can be combined with other treatments to achieve a 3D rejuvenation, such as Laser Genesis or Titan. It can also be combined prior to SecretRF or Chemical Peels to get faster more aggressive results overall.

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