Lesion Removal

Best For:

Skin tags, warts, seborrhea Keratosis, cherry angiomas, benign pigmented lesions and benign nevi.

Lesion Removal

We utilize a variety of options from lasers to Cryo therapy, to destroy and remove the unwanted lesions.

Why We love this Treatment:

We love this because it’s so easy, not to mention, super fun to remove unwanted lesions and it brings back confidence to every patient!


We carefully target the lesion with the best type of treatment to damage it, either laser or cryotherapy, and then we will instruct the patient on how to care for the wound in the healing process.


Anywhere on the face or body, including planters warts on hands and feet.

Pre treatment tips

Avoid prolonged sun exposure on the area to be treated for a week prior. Do not apply self tanning products for 2 weeks prior.

Post treatment tips

Follow special post care instructions that the technician gives at time of procedure, to avoid infection and speed up healing process.

frequently asked questions

Will it leave a mark or scar?”
Depending on what type of lesion and size of lesion, it is possible that there will be a residual small mark left in place of the lesion. This will be discussed at the consultation and patient can decide if it’s worth treating the lesion or not.

Frequency of Treatment:

Most lesions are easily removed in 1-2 treatments


15-30 minute appointment


There is typically a wound to care for after lesion removal. It can appear as a blister or scab within a day of the treatment. We will instruct you on the best way to keep it safe and clean, to insure optimum healing!


Ranging from $80-$300 depending on number of lesions

Our Plan

We will assess the lesions in person at a consultation and treatment can be done immediately or at a following appointment if it suits the patients schedule better to wait.