Juliet Women's Health Vaginal Rejuvenation

Best For:

General aging of the vagina, Genitourinary syndrome of menopause- GSM, Pain during intercourse- dyspareunia, Loss of elasticity and tone, Stress urinary incontinence, leakage,Vaginal dryness, itching and burning, Enlarged vagina- vulvovaginal, Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis- thinning/drying/inflammation of vaginal walls that may occur with lack of estrogen)

Juliet Women's Health Vaginal Rejuvenation

Juliet utilizes two different lasers to treat any woman experience unpleasant symptoms both internally and externally in the vaginal area. Performed by our medical director and highly trained medical laser technicians in a comfortable, clean environment. We recommend a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure and to set forth the appropriate treatment plan for you. Most patients will require 2-3 treatments to see optimal results.

Why We love this Treatment:

We are absolutely thrilled with this new technology that can help us make women feel more comfortable and confident with their bodies while maintaining vaginal health and wellness, as well as improving the quality of their sexual life. We love that dramatic changes can be obtained in very few treatments and feel a change almost instantaneously after the first treatment is performed.


The internal vaginal laser is utilizing a combination of ablation and thermal energy to not only resurface the interior of the vaginal canal, but to also stimulate neocollagenesis to firm and tighten the tissue. This will instantly increase lubrication as well as providing more structure to the surrounding tissue, which in turn support the bladder and urethra providing improvement with urinary stress incontinence.
Juliet’s external laser is then used to treat the entire vulva including the labia, urethra opening and vaginal vestibule. Patients will notice improvement in the color and tone of this tissue, as well as tightening the loose skin and extra folds bringing it back to its more youthful appearance.


Full internal vaginal canal and the entire vulva. These treatments can be chosen simultaneously and individually.

Pre treatment tips

• Hair in the treatment area should be cleanly shaven
• Notify the clinic with any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment.
• Notify clinic of any of the following as treatment should not be performed if you have:
-Infection in the treatment area
-HPV, lesions, abnormal bleeding
-Prolapse of the Uterus
-Abnormal gynecologic exam/Pap smear within the last 6 months
-Bladder sling procedure
-If you have had yearly negative Pap smears and are scheduled in the next few months.
-If you could be PREGNANT or are unsure
-If you are on your cycle or currently spotting

Post treatment tips

• Skin will be sensitive for a few days
• Do not apply skin irritants to the area for a few days
• Do not shave, wax or use depilatory creams for a few days.
• Apply the post treatment cream/gel provided at least 2x per day to the outer vulva for comfort and to speed healing/recovery time
• Some crusting in the area for a few days is normal, keep moist with post-care cream/gel
• Avoid sun exposure in the area for 2 weeks post procedure
• Itching, sloughing and flaking of skin is normal 3-7 days after the procedure, please allow the tissue to peel at it’s own rate and DO NOT PEEL OR SCRUB the area treated until after 7 days at least.
• Clear or light pink to clear fluids can leak for 12-72 hours post procedure when treated with the internal vaginal procedure. We recommend wearing a panty liner or pad for daytime and nighttime until the subsides.
• Avoid intercourse for 4 days post treatment
• Refrain from friction in the area of treatment for at least 72 hours
• Avoid hot tubs, baths or swimming for a few days post-treatment
• Over-the-counter pain mediation may be taken is you experience any minor pain/discomfort
• Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes that may cause irritation or friction in the treatment area for 72 hours
•Avoid strenuous active workouts for the first 72 hours or until all areas of swelling and peeling have subsided

frequently asked questions

Q: "Does this treatment hurt?"
A: Amazingly no! It’s hard to explain but honestly feels like an odd tapping sensation during the internal portion. We utilize a topical anesthetic on the Vulva for 15-20 minutes prior to treating externally, and most patients say it is relatively pain-free! There is a burning sensation (like a sunburn) for the following 6-8 hours but resolves by the following day.

Q: "Can I do this treatment if I have an IUD?"
A: Yes! An IUD is placed inside the Uterus and our treatment is strictly in the vaginal canal below the cervix.

Q: "If I am wanting children, how soon after the treatment would it be safe to get pregnant?"
A: We recommend you avoid intercourse for 4-5 days following your procedure. Most patients require 2-3 treatments in a row to achieve optimal results, so we recommend waiting until your treatment plan is completed before trying to become pregnant.

Q: "Does this have any effect on my menstrual cycle?"
A: No, but we cannot treat you while you’re menstruating due to the excessive fluids in the treatment area. We recommend rescheduling your procedure for a week or so after your cycle.

Q: "How do I maintain my results?"
A: After you’ve completed your original treatment plan discussed with your provider, we recommend a maintenance treatment every 1 to 3 years depending upon your age and the severity of your health concerns.

Frequency of Treatment:

Recommended to wait at least 4-8 weeks between treatments.


Dual (internal and external) Treatment: 90-minute appointment including preparation and numbing. Lasering time is approximately 40 minutes

Internal/External Individually: 60-minute appointment, including preparation and numbing. Lasering time approximately 20-20 minutes


When having the internal treatment done, we recommend refrain from intercourse for 4-5 days and avoid swimming, hot tubs or pools for the following week. You may experience leakage of clear, water like fluid and therefore recommend wearing a panty liner or pad for a few days following your treatment.
Externally, the skin will feel like an intense sunburn for the first 12-24 hours and will appear erythema and edema. It is recommended that you avoid heat on the treated area for the first 12 hours. Your tissue will experience a few phases during the healing process. Your skin will become taught and dry, eventually layers will slough and peel for the following week. You may have some itching on day 3 or 4 which will resolve on its own. We will send you home with post case instructions and a topical cream or gel that we recommend you apply to the external tissue 2-3 times a day for the first week. This will speed up healing time and improve the discomfort you may experience.
Over the counter pain medication can be taken for the first couple of day if needed to manage discomfort.


Internal- $750
External- $750
Dual Combination Treatment- $1500
Discount available for pre-pay options

Our Plan

Our plan is to always recommend a consultation to discuss concerns and ensure you are the correct candidate for this procedure. We will then set up your appointments for the appropriate procedure(s) and time frames to accommodate your social calendar. On the day of treatment, you will be given thorough instruction for post treatment care to make you as comfortable as possible.