Best For:

Unwanted peach fuzz or vellus hair on the face and neck and a light exfoliation of dead skin cells.


We utilize a surgical blade to gently remove the unwanted peach fuzz, along with superficial layers of dead skin cells. Leaving your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Why We love this Treatment:

Dermaplaning is great because it leaves your skin so silky smooth for many many weeks to come. Plus it can be added in prior to non ablative laser treatments, which can magnify your overall results from the laser.


Fast quick gentle strokes with this fine surgical blade will remove that stubborn annoying peach fuzz without increasing your hair growth like a blunt dull razor would. It also removes a few layers of dead dry skin cells, which in turn will help your skin care products penetrate deeper and your laser treatments become more effective. This can be a stand alone treatment or an add-on to many of our other treatments.


Face and neck

Pre treatment tips

Avoid retinoids and exfoliants the day before your treatment.

Post treatment tips

Avoid retinoids and exfoliants 2-3 days after your treatment. Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 3-4 days post procedure. If combining with laser treatments, avoid prolonged sun exposure for 7-10 days post procedure.

frequently asked questions

"Will it make my hair grow back faster?”

If it is repeated to frequently, derma planing can make some hair more coarse, therefore we recommend waiting the appropriate amount of time between treatments.

Frequency of Treatment:

We recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks between dermaplaning treatments


30 minutes


Zero downtime….skin can feel slightly sensitive to exfoliants for the following 2-3 days.


$90 solo treatment or $50 add-on

Our Plan

Dermaplaning typically needs to be done before laser procedures, so please let our office know if you’d like to add this onto your current procedures to insure we have adequate time allotted for you.