Chemical Peel

Best For:

Dull uneven texture, wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, and general “reboot” of your skin!

Chemical Peel

We have a variety of chemical peel options, but our peels are all “mid depth medical grade” peels. The peel that fits your needs is selected, and applied in a repetitive pattern until a desired endpoint is reached. You will be sent home with aftercare instructions and products. Skin usually is pink or red for 1-3 days and then will slough and peel off over 2-4 more days. Best overall results are seen after 3-4 weeks. We strongly recommend a few chemical peels in a row to achieve best results.

Why We love this Treatment:

Chemical Peels are a great way to jumpstart your skin into a new skin care routine and basically push “fast forward” on your progress. Or if your skin is already rocking’ but you feel like you need a quick boost, a chemical peel is the ideal way to bring it into smooth perfection!


We utilize peels that contain the best acids and ingredients to get the top layers of the epidermis to peel away in sheets. Some basic chemical peels used in day spas are too mild to really make much of an impact on your skin. Our peels are medical strength and include the correct amount of retinol to speed up the peeling process and get the job done quickly. By removing the numerous layers of dead skin cells, you will see an improvement in almost all areas of texture and pigmentation… but also with blackheads and pore size as well!


Face, Neck Chest, and Backs are among the most common areas to treat with a chemical peel.

Pre treatment tips

Avoid retinoids or topical exfoliants for 1-2 days prior. Avoid sun exposure for 5-7 days prior and at least 2-3 weeks post procedure. Do not plan any important social events for the following week.

Post treatment tips

Follow the post treatment instructions sent home with you and avoid heat for the day of treatment and sun or UV exposure for the following 2-3 weeks afterwards. Normal activities are fine, but prolonged exposure (more than 20 minutes) in direct light can cause a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

frequently asked questions

“Does it hurt?”
Nope, we always use a bit of topical numbing to dull the burning sensation. Most of our clients say “this was a piece of cake!

“How many peels will I need to see good results?”

This greatly depends on the patients issues and skin health. We utilize aggressive peels, so you will typically see great improvements in just one peel. However, 2-3 peels will give you greater results if you are dealing with acne prone skin or deep sun damage.

Frequency of Treatment:

We suggest repeating a chemical peel roughly 4-6 weeks apart.


Chemical Peels typically take about 30 minutes.


Average patient will be fully healed between 7-10 days. The worst of it is the first 2-4 days, and the following 4-6 days are light peeling.


Ranging from $200-350 depending on which peel and size of area to be treated

Our Plan

We do not utilize chemical on a solo basis….. we find patients can start to use them like a “crash diet” and our goal is to get your skin back to optimum health. Therefore, we strongly suggest a consultation in which we will set forth a plan of skin care and other treatment suggestions including the chemical peel. Peels are wonderful, but the results are only going to last as long as the patient in utilizing the best healthiest “home care” items and keeping in mind that peels are only “surface deep”. There are many skin issues that require deeper more aggressive treatments, such as Laser, Microneedling, or Radio Frequency or a combination. That’s why our goal is to build a relationship with our patients and become a trusted guide for your skin's journey!