Our Products

We carry medical grade skin care options that will not only improve your skin health and appearance, but also enhance your outcome from other treatments and procedures.

Obagi ZO has something for every skin condition in their extensive line. They offer the very best options for pigmentation, sun damage and acne prone skin.  Dr. Obagi is one of the most respected Dermatologists in the world, and has a passion for educating people about skin health and how to correct problems by exercising and retraining the skin how to work the way it was meant to.  Want to know more?  Please set up a consultation with one of our skin experts to teach you more about how to correct the lazy habits our skin has developed over time with ZO Skin Health.

NeoCutis is one of the leading lines for mature skin, utilizing growth factors to renew and repair damaged skin. Their new Micro-series is quickly becoming a favorite, due to its triple peptide action that induces more firming and tightening of the skin.

We also work directly with a compounding pharmacy to bring our clients the absolute best in topical prescriptions, such as Tretinoin for all skin types.  Tretinoin is the at home “exercise routine” for your skin.  It encourages a faster cell cycle turnover, similar to when you were young and had nearly flawless skin. Adding this item in to any treatment plan produces better, faster and longer lasting results.