Marty-tinyIt’s not easy, is it, getting older? Even if you forcefully defend the changes, “these wrinkles or sags are EARNED with love, life and laughter”…I can hear the giant sigh at the mirror.   Don’t wear makeup? You still have to brush your teeth and comb your hair. The hardest thing…seeing the pictures someone else posts that you can’t hide.

There are a couple of procedures that have moved our patients to TEARS.

Voluma is a game changer! Even those who are active, happy and well adjusted with the aging process admit that the sagging face and heavy folds are getting them down. They feel great,  but look years older than they feel! We can erase those years with Voluma; and Voluma provides lasting change so that repeat treatment would require less product and likely not be needed for 2 years! The under eye bags, the trough cutting across the apple of your cheek, the heavier fold between your nose and mouth…all greatly improved!

What is it like?  We look at the curve of your cheeks together from several angles, including the top of your head down, (after topical anesthetic, ice and prep) and place several injections along the arch of your cheeks, taking time to keep bruises at a minimum along the way. On average, about 2-2.5 syringes of Voluma later, the changes make you look similar to those photos taken a decade earlier.  Ice periodically the rest of the day.  Down time minimal. Enough said.  (Ask us for more specific information…we love to give you the details!)

Tune in to the next blog to hear about our experience with Kybella, the permanent fat cell destroyer used under the chin…[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]