Marty-tinyHave you looked at your profile lately??  Kybella

I think its really important to say right away that my philosophy here as the medical director of Skin & Tonics is not to make you more aware of your flaws, but to help you shed or improve the one that bugs you the most, the one that takes the most time to camouflage (a big WASTE of your life) and the one that keeps you from feeling like the fabulous unique creature that you are!! We’re interested in preserving your natural beauty.   We celebrate uniqueness here.  But, we also are open to improving what genetics has given us.

An exciting game changer for neck contouring is Allergan’s new product, Kybella.  Kybella is used for destruction of the fat causing fullness of the area just under the chin and jaw.  This runs in some families and in many people this area becomes progressively more noticeable as we age when fat is deposited there.  Over time, this can progress to a saggy looking bag under your chin.  Have you been unhappy with your profile lately?

Having treatment with Kybella takes some commitment to the process and discomfort, but it is a wonderful, customizable injection treatment that really produces dramatic results!  This is basically an acid that kills fat cells in the direct vicinity of the injections.  It is a quick treatment (after set up about 2 minutes).  A rip roaring inflammatory reaction then ensues and you have cleanup by your body’s healing and immune mechanisms over a few weeks.  What does this mean to you?  Bullfrog-like swelling for a few days (usually 2 and rapidly diminishing to something only you notice) the first treatment but with followup treatments, less swelling.  You have to expect 3-4 treatments (unless you are a tiny person) so this process will likely take a period of 20 weeks (5 weeks between treatments X 4= 20).  The dramatic “WOW” comes sometime after the first or more likely after the second treatment.  The magical thing is that the inflammatory process also triggers your own collagen and elastin to tighten up the skin overlying the diminishing fullness so you aren’t left with a deflated balloon appearance.

Why this rather than liposuction?  Well, for some people, you know who you are…you might not want the risk (risk general anesthesia because you don’t want the double chin anymore? Its rare, but complications do occur.) Many, well, lets be honest, most of our clients don’t want to have to share with some friends or significant others that they have taken the steps to improve something about themselves (though we hope you will…because sharing this info with others will help some to finally get rid of something that has bothered them potentially for a long time).  This is a treatment that can pretty easily be camouflaged after a couple of days and there is no restriction on activity…so really, no downtime.  Patients have been tolerating this REALLY well and feedback is that it is about a 3 on a 1-10 scale (10 the worst pain).  We’ll tell you the rest when we see you!

So, the take home message about Kybella…what you need to know is that this is a game changing new treatment that is relatively easy and comfortable (disclaimer:  everyone experiences things to different degrees) with very little downtime.  Take the plunge before the saggy contour of your neck is not so easily improved…early intervention is best for the remaining skin quality.  The neck area is the hardest to improve later!

Cheers to the Holiday Season!

Marty (Dr. Coale)